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Down, Set, Hut

Using footballs to train the outfielders?

Third base coach Bo Porter has incorporated the football into the outfielders' workout program. To make sure players keep their arms tucked when running for fly balls, Porter has them cradle a football in their non-glove hand.

"He was talking about how guys start running and before you get to the ball your arms start going out to help you slow down," right fielder Jeremy Hermida said. "It makes you start bouncing around a little bit. ... It's interesting and something I've never done before. I like it."

Toting a football wasn't a stretch for Joe Borchard, a former quarterback at Stanford.

"It actually felt pretty natural," said Borchard, who managed not to hurt any teammates while throwing them some passes recently. "I surprised Eric Reed a little bit, but that was about it."

Hey, if it helps - why not?

Sure I've seen pitchers throwing footballs to loosen up but outfielders running with them?   It's news to me.

Has anyone ever heard of this outfield training technique before?