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Fredi has few things to learn

Fredi is getting some exposure to the personality of the team.

The Marlins may have not reached the playoffs last season, but the experience of coming close served as an opportunity for the players to bond.

"Last year's team, I've never been around a team that was as tight as we were," Marlins backup catcher Matt Treanor said. "We're learning and growing together."

Gonzalez has taken notice this spring.

"I've been amazed how well these guys, they really enjoy being around each other," Gonzalez said. "Nobody likes to hit live (batting practice), and somebody comes off the mound here and the hitters are, you know, high-fiving the pitchers. They feel good for each other, and that's great. I hope that that continues."

Oh, it will Fredi, it will.

Welcome to the Marlins.

I can't wait until Fredi gets to see the pre-game salsa dance in the bullpen.  And who knows, maybe one day, he will join in.