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Danny - The Prognosticator

If, by chance, you made it out to watch the Daytona 500 and you thought you saw Dan Uggla and Jeremy Hermida in the crowd - quite likely it was them.  Danny and Jeremy took in the event but decided to leave before the race was over to beat the traffic.  Really, what could happen in the last 50 laps to change the outcome of the race?  I didn't watch the race, myself, since NASCAR isn't my thing but leaving early turned out to be not the wisest the decision.

Okay, a poor choice was made about the NASCAR event - it could happen to anyone.  But then Danny had this to say about Cabrera's new contract.

Cabrera is that much richer, too, after an arbitration panel last week made him the team's highest-paid player with a $7.4 million contract.

"I'm going to follow him everywhere,'' Uggla joked. "I'm going to go where he goes so I don't have to pay for anything.''

While on the surface this sounds like a good theory, it doesn't work in practice.

Traditionally, a club's higher-paid veterans will take turns springing for the post-workout food spread. With only Miguel Cabrera, Willis and Miguel Olivo earning seven figures, Willis put the onus on the bonus babies to pony up.

Left-hander Aaron Thompson heeded the call, treating his teammates to lunch from Outback on Wednesday.

The quickest way to go broke is to hang around a rich person - they don't pay for anything.

Uggla will learn this and hopefully with minimal damage to his pocket book.  But if you do run into Danny on the street and he guarantees he knows the winning numbers for the next drawing of the Florida lottery, you would be best served to keep your money in your pocket.  Danny doesn't have a very good track record.