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Some player news

I really should have left more time for these, but alas, I didn't.

An interesting article about Matt Lindstrom's Mormon mission to Sweden, it also goes into detail about how he has hit 102 mph on the radar gun.  The only problem with him throwing that hard at this point in his career is that his fast ball doesn't have enough movement on it and that can be a problem.  But if he can offset it with a decent change of speed pitch, he should be in the pen for the Fish this season.

The other article is about Renyel Pinto chunking a towel to help his pitching.  I really wasn't able to get my mind around exactly what he is doing with the towel.  Dean Treanor thinks it helps some pitchers get more extension and maybe it does.  Pinto should be in the pen at the start of the season unless injuries to the starters persist.  If Tankersley wins the closers role, the situational left-hander will fall to him.