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Cabrera is in the Caribbean Series

Miguel Cabrera's winter team will be going for the championship.

It's the series before the Series, and the first large gathering of Major League players on a playing field before the start of Spring Training and one of the most anticipated events of the winter.
In Latin America, it's known as Serie del Caribe. Here, it's known as the Caribbean Series and the round-robin tournament kicks off Friday in Puerto Rico.


The championship teams in the Winter Leagues of the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Mexico will participate in the Caribbean Series, and each participating team will be allowed to pick up additional players from their respective leagues.

This year's version is scheduled to begin Feb. 2 and continue through Feb. 7 at Roberto Clemente Stadium in Clemente's hometown of Carolina, Puerto Rico.

Cabrera's team will, naturally, be representing the Venezuela league.  We wish him all the best, with this one caveat, please don't get hurt.

Since the teams can add additional players from their respective leagues, it is possible there could be some more Marlins players in the tourney.