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Olsen setting the bar

No, not that way.

Scott Olsen laid down his projection for the starters this season.

A year after the Marlins became the first team with four rookie 10-game winners, Scott Olsen set the bar a little higher: 16 wins.

For the four second-year guys?

"Four? Come on now," said Olsen before Sunday's first official workout for pitchers and catchers. "I'm talking about all five [starters]."

That would give the Marlins 80 wins from their rotation, or two more than the whole staff managed last season. Marlins starters went 62-56 last year, tying for the ninth-most wins among major league rotations.

I like the way he thinks.  But it would be an unusual occurrence for the Marlins staff to pull that off.  It's the spring, so why not.  It could happen, doubtful, be it could.

If the Marlins starters log 80 wins, the Fish are in the playoffs.  Now, I won't hold Scott to his prediction but if it does come true he will rank amongst some of the most legendary prognosticators right up there with Nostradamus and Punxsutawney Phil