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Some more about the Closer

Adam Rubin, the lucky stiff, from the NY Mets Blog is in spring training and ran into Henry Owens.

...I had a chance to speak with Henry Owens this evening. He'll be in Marlins camp when it opens Sunday...


There have been rumblings that Owens or Lindstrom could be the Marlins closer. Taylor Tankersley, who had three saves last season and who was an Arizona Fall League teammate of Owens in 2005, is clearly a candidate.

"Who knows what's going to happen?" Owens said. "As soon as I got traded, I talked to some people in the Marlins front office, and they told me I'll be pitching in the late innings next year. Nothing specific has been said about what my role is going to be."

Owens hasn't picked his entrance music just yet.

Assuming Owens will windup being the closer, and that is definitely not a forgone conclusion, but assuming it is so: what are your suggestions for his entrance music?

I realize this is tough, since most of us haven't seen him pitch.  But nonetheless, I have faith that you can come up with some good suggestions.