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Trashing the Marlins and their fans

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood, but I'm getting so sick of this being the acceptable shtick to write about our favorite team and us in such a manner.

Stan McNeal of the Sporting News keeps the trend alive.

Finally, your team (unless there's a Marlins fan out there) can claim it had a productive offseason, no matter what it did or didn't do.

What exactly did Mr McNeal want the Marlins to do?  Over pay for some marginal free agent just so they can say they did something in the off-season?  I'm getting tired of the media, who should know better, making the Marlins and their fans their whipping boy.

If they just feel the need to beat up on a team from Florida, along with its fans, may I suggest Tampa Bay - they haven't come close to winning anything.  Unlike the Marlins.

And personally I find it offensive to suggest that there aren't any Marlins fans, there may not be a lot of us but you won't find a better fan than a Marlins fan.

To steal and paraphrase from Lynyrd Skynyrd:  

Well I heard ol' Stan put 'em down
Well I hope Stan McNeal will remember
A Marlins fan don't need him around anyhow