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Cabrera and FanFest - The Soap Opera

Man, am I tired of this story.

It turns out we have a new explanation as to why Miguel wasn't at FanFest.

Cabrera said he had an inescapable commitment related to his father's health and that he tried to let the Marlins know through his agents.

"I'd already separated that date for an appointment related to my father's health. The Marlins informed me just a week before the festival and I coudn't cancel my meeting, and that's what I told my agents," said Cabrera.

Sure beats the heck out of the hassle to travel excuse.

If it is true, then of course he should have missed FanFest in order to take care of his father.  No one would expect him to attend under those circumstances.  In fact, there would be only thoughtful wishes for him and his.

But for the excuse to be plausible it requires that his agency SFX to seriously drop the ball.  Which they are quite capable of doing since they exposed many of their clients to identity theft earlier this year.

Giving Cabrera the benefit of the doubt, I hope his dad gets better soon.

I do want to address why FanFest matters, especially for the Marlins.  As you may have noticed the Fish have an attendance problem and when it comes to the biggest meeting of the year with the fans -  it's all hands on deck - especially the stars.