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Benitez Again

Armando Benitez claims to be feeling better than he did in the last two springs.  Okay.  But what this means isn't exactly clear to me.  You recall, that Benitez was the subject of possible trade considerations for the Marlins.  That is, assuming the Giants would eat almost all of his salary and give up on the idea that they would get one starters in the trade.  The "give up on the idea that they would get one the starters in the trade" is my addition but since a couple of them are ailing it wouldn't make any sense, to me, to trade one of the healthy ones for Armando.  Actually, come to think of it, it wouldn't make any sense if they were all healthy.

The Giants GM Brian Sabean had this to say:

"It helps that he's turned the page on last year. Until he gets on the mound, that's the proof in the pudding,'' Sabean said. "He's going to have to hopefully be ready right at the start and be in position to be of value. To hear that he seems better off, in a better place mentally and more so physically, that's a good sign. That's a good first step.''

"Be in position to be of value", I'm not sure what that means.  It could mean that if he his looking good off the mound he will be valuable to Giants pen this season.  Or it could possibly mean that will be of value as a potential commodity in trade.

Either way, I hope the Marlins are through flirting with the idea of bringing Benitez back to the club.  I still don't see the upside in doing so.