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SI gives a guess

Tom Verducci of makes this assessment of the Marlins closer situation.

Marlins: Henry Owens, P. Is this your next Bobby Jenks? Owens is much older, turning 28 in April. But he will be pitching for his third organization -- the Mets traded him in a deal for lefty Jason Vargas -- and has the minor-league strikeout numbers (12.3 per nine innings) to suggest he can win the Marlins' closer job with a big spring. Owens went 9-for-9 in save chances in winter ball with a 0.79 ERA.

I must say I agree.  I think Owens is the favorite to become the closer for the 2007 version of the Marlins.  I know some of you disagree but he still makes the most sense to me.

And anyway, Tom Verducci is also in agreement.  Now, I just need someone to let me know who Tom Verducci is, because frankly, I've never heard of him.  That said, he sure knows his potential closers.