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Cabrera and FanFest

For those who care about the continuing story of Cabrera missing FanFest, and personally I've lost interest, here is the latest.

Two close associates say Miguel Cabrera, who will be in Arizona for Friday's arbitration hearing, missed FanFest because he wanted to spend more time at his home in Venezuela and avoid the hassles of extra traveling, not because he's fuming over arbitration. But Cabrera's camp won't be surprised if the Marlins broach his FanFest absence during the hearing

Missing FanFest because you don't won't to mess with the hassles of traveling, that I personally understand, but it isn't a very good reason.  Should management bring it up in the hearings, I can't believe it will have much of an affect.  More than likely it will come off as a sour grapes type of thing.

If you read the entire article you get to learn for the thousandth time that David Samson addressing the public isn't the best of things.  But if you go past that there is something that is new, at least to me.

No, Florida never gave serious thought to pursuing Yankees free agent center fielder Bernie Williams, who's waiting out New York. But the Marlins were very disappointed about not getting center fielder Darin Erstad, who preferred the Chicago White Sox despite a similar financial offer from Florida ($1 million range).

The Bernie Williams thing makes sense but I never knew the Marlins were seriously pursuing Erstad.  Kinda interesting.  I guess the front office will be looking for someone who they they think could be a legitimate center fielder all through spring training and possibly beyond.