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Volstad - Homebody

FishStripes is light on baseball news today, it's mainly fluff.  I haven't had time to research much of anything being that it turns out if your cell phone is stolen and you need to replace it - let's just say, you have to jump through more hoops than you might ever imagine.  Or at least I had too, but enough of that.

Chris Volstad this spring will be hanging with the family.

The Volstad brothers have shared the same bedroom all of their lives. That won't change just because one of them is pitching for a major-league team in spring training.

Starting Saturday, 17-year-old Kyle Volstad will wake up in his family's Garden Woods home and continue to head off to Palm Beach Gardens High...


Volstad, like the other prospects in camp, could have opted to live in an apartment or hotel room paid for by the Marlins, rooming with a teammate and eating on the team's dime.

But that would mean missing out on his mother Colleen's lasagna and getting fewer chances to ride in his father Ken's vintage Ford, a 1926 Model T. By staying at home, he also gets updates on his alma mater from his sister, Carrie, who teaches algebra at Palm Beach Gardens High.

"It'll be a perk getting home cooking and sleeping out of my own bed,'' Volstad said.

The only downside: After he pulls off his Marlins uniform, he'll come home to do his chores.

"Clean the pool and clean his room -- there's no free ride,'' his dad joked.

Chris is expected to join the Marlins staff at the earliest in 2008.  But being in spring training should be a good experience for him and the staying at home thing is probably a wise decision.  Especially given that while Olsen and Messenger, et al, can teach him many things about pitching to big league hitters, his decision to stay at home will allow him to avoid the "lessons in life" they can also dispense.