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No Show Cabrera

Who knew that Miguel Cabrera would ever have something in common with country singer George Jones?

Third baseman Miguel Cabrera, awaiting his arbitration hearing Friday, stayed away from all of the team's promotional activities last week, and the Marlins aren't happy about it.

''It's very disappointing,'' team president David Samson said Saturday after Cabrera failed to appear at the team's annual FanFest at Dolphin Stadium. ``[Owner Jeffrey Loria] and the rest of us are very disappointed that he's not here with every one of his teammates. All the players are here except Miguel.


All the major-league Marlins under contract were expected to attend Saturday's FanFest, unless there were extenuating circumstances. Samson said Cabrera signed a contract Dec. 12, but the amount won't be determined until Friday's hearing.

Many teams have it written in their players contracts that the player must show up for events such as FanFest or obtain permission to be absent.  I don't know how the Marlins set up their player's contracts but it wouldn't be a surprising to me that it is a required attendance event.

Do the players really want to show up and sign autographs all day?  I doubt it and most would opt out if given the chance.  But in order to get them to attend the event all teams use either a contractual obligation or moral suasion.

Which makes Cabrera pulling a No Show Jones troubling to me.  Miguel has displayed the tendencies towards a Prima Donna attitude in the past and I would hate to see that resurface again.  It isn't good for him and it's a detriment to the team. Hopefully, that isn't the case and he or his agent just did a poor job of articulating the reason for his absence.

Now, should have the front office gone public with their displeasure - probably not.  Or at least, not until they hear his reason for missing the event.  That said, the fans are entitled to an explanation as to why he didn't attend FanFest.  But they could have left it at "personal reasons" with out any further commentary until they know more.