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NL East Off-Season analysis BP style

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Baseball Prospectus takes a look at the NL East off-season thus far (I hope this is free) and here is what they said about Aaron Boone:

The Fish have had some reasonable luck with veteran infield reserves, as they've gotten good work out of Damion Easley and Wes Helms. Aaron Boone will bring that to an end; he was terrible at third for the Indians last year, which doesn't suggest a future in utility work, and his bat seems even more lifeless than his leather. If his contract wasn't guaranteed, he wouldn't be a great bet to beat out guys like Dillon, Wood or Seabol.

Since I didn't watch the Indians much last season, I can't dispute their analysis of Mr. Boone's performance.  But if it is true it doesn't necessarily mean squat.  There is one thing that I have learned in life and is that humans don't always follow a linear path.  He may end up being as bad as the author of the article says but it is not a foregone conclusion.

Since the above article mentioned  Jason Wood, here is one that addresses, in a blurb, Jason's playing career for all the Wood fans in the audience.

Living on the edge of a goal