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SN Ranks the NL Infields

The Sporting News puts forth their projected National League infield rankings and the Marlins came in fourth.

4. Marlins

1B Mike Jacobs, 2B Dan Uggla, SS Hanley Ramirez, 3B Miguel Cabrera. Reserves: Alfredo Amezaga, Aaron Boone.

Cabrera and Ramirez form possibly the league's best-hitting left side. Uggla has 20-homer power. Now that his ankle is healthy, Jacobs might not be replaced for defense.

I presume the rankings were heavily weighted to offense but not entirely since the Phillies came in second.  For my money, the Phillies have the best hitting infield in the league.

But defensive play couldn't have been that big of a concern in considering the rankings.  While the Marlins did get better as the season progressed, they weren't exactly four gold glovers manning the positions.  Sure they made many spectacular plays and more frequently than throwing routine ground balls into the stands or watching routine popups fall between the players. But they are still a work in progress. May be they will all become gold glovers, eventually.

But however the Sporting News determined their rankings, fourth ain't bad.