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The Marlins catcher situation

The Marlins are probably through looking for another catcher.

As part of that mega-deal, Florida acquired catcher Mike Rabelo.

Rabelo and Matt Treanor will split the job. Most likely, the club feels Rabelo could start about 100 games, with Treanor handling the rest.

I will freely admit I don't know much about Rabelo, but I do know this: if this report is accurate, Rabelo will be starting catcher on opening day.  Whether he deserves to be or not.

When the front office gets one of their inexplicable single-minded thoughts into their heads, it is next to impossible for it to change it.  And from all their indications so far this offseason they are determined to start anyone at catcher other than Treanor.

I don't understand why, but this wouldn't be the first time I was confused by them being obstinate.