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Marlins may have a use for cheap veterans

The Fish have a couple of holes to fill in, one being at third base and the other is a veteran on the pitching staff.

Mbaamin was the first to report this.

It was revealed on Wednesday night that the team was exploring a trade for former Marlin Wes Helms. A popular veteran on Florida's 2006 squad, Helms signed a two-year contract with the Phillies after that season. He is owed $2.15 million for 2008, and Philadelphia is looking to move him.


Some modestly-priced free-agent pitchers on the market are lefty Mike Maroth and Brian Moehler, a former Marlin.

I kinda agnostic to both of these.  If the team decides to bring back Helms, that's fine since we could use a veteran position player.  But I don't think he absolutely necessary to fill the everyday role at third, it can be handled internally if need be.

Maroth, I can do without.  Moehler, Big Moe, I did get to see pitch out of the bullpen with the Astros several times last year and he did a pretty good job.  Of course, they may have been relative since the rest of the Astros bullpen was horrid.

But in both the case of Helms and Big Moe, their value to the club as a veteran presence would probably far exceed their performance on the field.  But you never know, surprises happen.