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Alfredo Amezaga piques Mets interest

Catching up on the rumors posted in yesterday's Chum Bucket.  The reason for doing this is that I'm told that not everyone goes back and reads the comments posted in the latter part of the evening.  Go figure.

Anyway, Gamefish was the first to spot this rumor.

Mets eye Marlins utility man

The Mets are interested in Marlins infielder/outfielder Alfredo Amezaga, who hit .263 and scored 46 runs in 133 games during the 2007 season. Amezaga, who turns 30 next month, played all four infield positions and some outfield last season and is eligible for arbitration.

I doubt much will come of this.  Alfredo is cheap to employ and his versatility in the field is extremely useful.