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Van Horne a Frick Award finalist

Dave Van Horne has the chance to enter the HOF.

Prepared and professional are two of Marlins radio voice Dave Van Horne's strongest attributes.


Van Horne has been selected as one of the final 10 up for the prestigious 2008 Ford C. Frick Award.

The award is presented annually to a broadcaster for "major contributions to baseball." The award, named after the late broadcaster, National League president, Commissioner and Hall of Famer, has been presented annually since 1978. Frick was a driving force behind the creation of the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown and helped foster the relationship between radio and the game of baseball.

Van Horne, a 39-year MLB broadcasting veteran, was with the Montreal Expos when they joined the league in 1969, and he remained the voice of the Expos until 2000.


The final ballot of 10 candidates includes three fan selections. Van Horne was among the seven other choices determined by a Hall of Fame staff research team.

I really meant to post this yesterday, but it slipped my mind for some reason.  I can't imagine what else happened to cause me to forget.

As far as I know, Van Horne is the first Marlins announcer to ever be a finalist for the award.

Good luck, Dave!