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More on the Trade

The trade hasn't been finalized but if everything goes well, it should be today.

Though neither the Tigers nor Marlins officials were commenting on the record about their agreement on an eight-player mega-trade, expected to be announced Wednesday pending review of medical records, the aftershocks were already shaking the rest of the league and officials at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center.

Hopefully the Marlins medical team will look closely at the records, I'm getting tired of some prospects throwing about three pitches and then ending up in a waiting room in Alabama.

I was going to do the requisite blog post about the possible new Marlins, but then I thought, why?  

The only one I have ever seen play is Miller and I didn't pay that much attention to him at the time.  So instead of me writing something, I present three different opinions.

Maverick's take

Mbaamin initially linked to this in the comments:

MLB's Jonathan Mayo's take

Finally, (and I think this one may require a subscription)

ESPN's Keith Law's take

If you are able to read all three, you get to learn many contradictory things.  For example: De la Cruz's curve ball is outstanding, plus or only average depending one which on you believe.

If he shows up in the majors, then we will determine how good it is.