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Trading Cabrera and Willis

It's not a done deal yet, but more on that later.

If you are one of those who didn't like the deal, that's understandable, there wasn't that much to like.  The Marlins traded the faces of the franchise, the biggest box office draws, the last remain players from the 2003 World Series Championship team, the heart of the team and not to mention two players who played in the All-Star games, and all for what....prospects.  That is not is not exactly endearing to the soul.

When I read the news of the potential trade I was sad bordering on mad.  I guess I had prepared myself for Cabrera and I knew that Dontrelle wouldn't last the season with the Marlins but I was never prepared to lose them both in one fell swoop.

It didn't help that I was driving home from work and I was listening to one of the call-in shows on XM Radio's Home Plate.  All of the callers were Tiger fans and they were elated, and if I were a Tiger fan I would be too.

Most of the calls went like this:

caller: This is great day for Detroit Tiger baseball, getting Cabrera and Willis.  This should propel us to win the division and possibly the World Series.

host: What do you think about the prospects the team gave up?

caller: They are good players but are just, as you say, prospects.  And the Marlins are very good at developing prospects since there is no pressure to win down there.  They can pitch more innings and get more at bats with no pressure whatsoever and it will be better for them.

Me (screaming at the radio): The Marlins are not the instructional league for the majors.  They have won the World Series, twice, since you last did, you bozo.

host: That's a good point.

Me:  What?!?  No it's not!

caller: I think this a Win-Win trade.  The Tigers get a HOF type bat and more pitching and the Marlins get more prospects to develop.

Me: It's not Win-Win, you idiot.  It's a Win-Wait and see trade.

host: The best trades are the Win-Win kind.  Glad to hear it.

Me: Someone kill me now.

Just like in the past, whenever you trade star players coming into their prime for prospects, no matter how highly touted, initially you are on the short end of the trade.  I don't care where they are ranked by Baseball America, some work out, some don't.

Did the Marlins make themselves better yesterday for next season, no.  I've looked at the list and I can't find one person who is going to have 588 AB, .320 BA, 34 HR and 119 RBI.  Also there is no one on that list who will throw 200+ innings, or at least I hope not.

Of course, over time, the kids may work out and be everything they are hyped to be.  And I hope they do.  But for now, it is just like the trades in 2005, some of the players could make a favorable impact early on, or it may take some time, if they ever do.

We have been here before.  It may not be our favorite place to be, but we know how to handle it.

[Update] It's official.

Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis are now the property of the Detroit Tigers.

The Marlins and Tigers made it official Wednesday, completing a blockbuster trade that is the talk of the winter meetings.

The Tigers received Cabrera and Willis in exchange for six players, including top prospects in outfielder Cameron Maybin and pitcher Andrew Miller.

The Marlins also will receive catcher Mike Rabelo and pitchers Eulogio de la Cruz, Dallas Trahern and Burke Badenhop...