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Chum Bucket

It's time for the daily Chum Bucket and whining about why the Marlins are not being able to move their most talented hitter quick enough.

I must admit, yesterday was a first.  My original Chum Bucket post caused some members of a Dodgers message board to take exception and to give me a very special nickname, which decorum prohibits me from repeating.  Then Fishcrazy made his post and that was all one of the Blue faithful could stand.  Priceless.

I didn't even know it was possible to upset a Dodger fan.  But apparently you can if you do everything just right and get a little help from your friends.

Speaking of the Dodgers indications are they have all but pulled out of the Andruw jones, Rowand and Cabrera sweepstakes.  However, this could just be posturing.  But let's say it isn't, I'm little confused about how they are going to keep pace in the West if they don't try to improve.  Of course, it may be the case that Jones, Rowand and/or Cabrera may not be the pieces they are looking for.  But one would think they should do something and who knows, may be they will later.

Oh, one last thing before turning today's Chum Bucket over to you.  From listening to XM Radio and reading accounts of the first day of the Winter Meetings -- everyone and I mean everyone, hates it when the meetings are held in Nashville.  Don't know why, but they do.

Which seems strange to me because on Friday when a GM from another team was interviewed, he couldn't even remember where last year's meetings were held.  He never left the motel.  Maybe the room service food sucks in Nashville -- it's a guess.

Chum Bucket is good to go.  So feel free in cheering (whining) for your favorite Marlin to be traded.  :-)