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Chum Bucket

Welcome to the last Chum Bucket of the year.

Hopefully you have a holiday today, if you don't -- my condolences.

Posting on FishStripes will be very light the next couple of days but should return to normal on Wednesday.  The operative word in the preceding sentence is "should".

If you didn't get a chance to make your opinions known in the Weekend Chum Bucket, there is still time.  I won't be sending Will our response until after the seventh of January, so chime in if the mood strikes you.

This a normal Chum Bucket where everything is up for grabs.  Be it baseball, bowl games or the migratory habits of the local water fowl.  Speaking of bowl games, I think two Florida universities are being represented in bowl games today: South Florida and Florida State.  Although it is possible that I am remembering the schedule incorrectly.

But most importantly, Have a Great Day!