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Chum Bucket

The Winter Meetings start today in Nashville which could prove quite interesting for the team's makeup next season.

If you like to follow the meetings in a kinda weird fashion, MLB is more than happy to provide that.

The reason I say it is kinda weird is that offseason moves can't really be tallied as who won and who lost.  No one knows what the eventual outcome will be.  But that doesn't keep sports writers and commentators from speculating away.  Nor, will it probably keep me from doing the same.

If you go searching for news about the Marlins, you will find a whole bunch of crap about Cabrera, which I neither have the time or the patience to sort out.  But here is the bottom line, the Angels are still complaining to the news media that  he is going to cost a boatload of actual "quality" players.  The Dodgers want him for free and most everyone else is counting on Beinfest going brain dead.

Still, there are other teams that could put a package together in the Marlins price range, but at least one would be foolish to do so.  But that doesn't mean they won't give it a try.

In the meantime, this is the daily Chum Bucket, so have at it.

And as always, have the best Monday possible!