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No arbitration for the Free Agents

While this is far from being a surprise, as Dan noted in the Weekend Chum Bucket, the Marlins free agents weren't offered arbitration.

Marlins declined to offer arbitration to RHP Armando Benitez, INF Aaron Boone and RHP Byung-Hyun Kim.

The Marlins will probably try to sign Boone and Kim to one year deals.  And if the price is right, we could see them in teal again next season.  Boone is the more likely of the two to sign.  Kim could, but dealing with Boras is a pain in the butt so that may not happen.

Benitez should be gone and deservedly so.  The only way he won't be is if the front office still stupidly thinks it needs a veteran closer.  And hopefully that phase has past.