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Dontrelle Willis may stay put

The Marlins aren't in any hurry to part ways with Dontrelle.

While it seems inevitable that Miguel Cabrera will be leaving the Marlins, strong indications surfaced on Sunday that Dontrelle Willis will be staying in South Florida.

On the eve of the Winter Meetings beginning in Nashville, multiple sources said the Marlins are leaning towards retaining the D-Train, at least until the July 31, 2008 trade deadline.

Dontrelle being traded may be inevitable some time during the 2008 season, but it behooves the Marlins to see if they can get him back on track.  Willis, presently, has the most wins in the majors of those in his age group and therefore is a desired commodity.  But he could be even hotter if he could return to form.  Not to mention the clubhouse presence he brings and his tireless work in the local community.

Do I want to see him traded?  No.  Especially since the Marlins need pitching and someone who can eat innings.  However, it will probably happen.