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The Weekend Chum Bucket

Welcome to the weekend!  

Even though the short week was a pain in the butt, I think I could get use to a three-day work week.  Now, if I can just get Beinfest not to sign or trade anyone over this holiday period, I will be set.  At least for now.

Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus fame, has made a request of FishStripes and I will comply, but before I do, I would like hear your thoughts. What Will is asking for is the starting lineup, starting rotation and one question concerning an injury situation.

The starting lineup I can handle, but if you would like to chime in about the center fielder, catcher or third baseman, I would love to hear your opinion.

The starting rotation as it stands now, is a bit more curious and I would like to hear your views as to who you feel will be the starting five, at this moment.

And finally, the injury-related question.  We could ask about Cody Ross's hamstring and his chances of making it through the season healthy.

Or we could ask about Anibal Sanchez, who is coming off shoulder surgery or Ricky Nolasco's elbow tendinitis and whether he could finish the 2008 season without ending up undergoing Tommy John surgery.

Then there is always Josh Willingham's chronic herniated disk in his back.  Or we could ask about if Hanley Ramirez will be the same next year after having shoulder surgery in the offseason.

Sadly, we have a lot to choose from and your input will be very much appreciated.

If you rather not answer any of the above, that's cool.  After all this is normal Chum Bucket where you can discuss anything.

Have a Great Weekend!