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Stadium News - Sort of

And politics are starting to hit the fan.

Though the property is set to revert to the county Dec. 31 if there's no development on it, many expected commissioners to extend the date. But Ms. Edmonson, whose district includes Overtown, demanded the county keep the land as a condition to her approval of a massive "global agreement" between the city and county.
   The pact provides for projects such as a Marlins stadium but also asks county commissioners to vote at their Jan. 10 meeting to re-convey the land to the city.
   "I want these properties to revert to the county," Ms. Edmonson said.
   Mayor Alvarez backed her. "I do not support an extension or the re-conveyance," he said.

I do understand Ms. Edmonson's concerns about the needs of providing low-income housing to her district, which is something I fully support.  And the problem isn't about the county partially funding a stadium for the Marlins, which is next to nothing when compared to the Port Tunnel.  She's is doing what she think is right for her constituents and trying to stop the Sawyer's Walk development plan from being implemented.  That's fine.

But where the rub comes in is if other commissioners decide to use the same tactic of holding the Global Funding hostage in order to get their desired project approved.  If they do, this could be one big time delayed vote.

And time is not on the Marlins side.