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Liván Hernández wants to be a Marlin

Hernández is making noise that he wouldn't mind returning to his old team.

Free agent pitcher Liván Hernández -- asking $2.5 million for his Bay Point home, according to his real estate agent, Katrina Campins -- would welcome a return to the Marlins as the staff's veteran ace. But ''they don't have any money,'' Hernández said.

If Liván returns to the Marlins he will be the "staff's veteran ace" and it won't matter where he pitches in the rotation for that to be true.  In fact, Hernández would be the only true veteran on the starting staff.

The good thing about Hernández is that he is an innings eater and the club sure could use one of the those in the rotation.

The bad news is the mileage on his arm is starting to show.  His strikeout percentage is dropping, his walk percentage is increasing along with his HR totals.  Also he is having to rely on some help from the defense behind him more and more.  And that is a bad thing to do given the Marlins present defensive abilities.

If the Marlins loosen up the purse strings and sign Liván, I won't be throwing any parties.  But then again I wouldn't be upset either since the team needs someone who can eat innings and give the bullpen a much needed rest.  Also it would be nice to have a veteran pitcher on the staff, somewhere.

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