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Stadium News - Sort of

In case you were wondering, we will lose the "Sort of" part when the Marlins actually have a stadium deal.

And today, the team may become infinitely closer.

Today the County Commissioners will vote on whether a stadium for the Marlins will be included as one of the projects for the funding approved Tuesday.

The meeting starts at 9:30 a.m.

If you would like to watch it live, click here:


It is true that the link is not Mac friendly, at least not in Safari.  But it may be worth a shot to try it in Firefox, Sea Monkey, Camino or if all else fails Internet Explorer.

The fact that it isn't Mac friendly in Safari is a bit of a problem for FishStripes since among the blogs in the SB Nation, we have one of the higher percentage of Mac users.

In other words, FishStripers know computers.  Yes, I use a Mac at home but unfortunately at work I am forced to use a Windows machine.  Then again, I can't access the site from work and if I could I don't have any speakers, so really, no matter which platform the link is most friendly to it really doesn't affect me.  I won't get to see it anyway. But I hope you can. Someone needs to.

Back on topic: if the stadium deal gets approved, which I believe it will, the Marlins, city and county still have some work to do to finalize the bill.

The Marlins will negotiate through the holidays with Miami-Dade County and the city of Miami on a stadium agreement, with the county deferring until Jan. 10 the next public meeting on the deal.

The deferral will permit the parties "to finalize negotiations" on a $525 million stadium at the site of the Orange Bowl, Miami-Dade County Commission Chairman Bruno Barreiro said Wednesday.

One final note: yesterday, FishStripes got a lot of hits from Burger Kings' Headquarters and all of them went to the stadium post.  Which isn't surprising since the only thing I wrote about yesterday was the stadium.  However, what was puzzling to me is that I can't remember ever having a hit from them before.  So I looked Burger King up and it turns out they are headquartered in Miami or to be more exact they are residents of Miami-Dade.

Which brings up the question: should a stadium deal get done, and the naming rights sold, is it going to be called "The Whopper"?

Food for thought, as they say.