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Marlins Select A Seat

The Marlins Select A Seat promotion was last Saturday.

The Marlins may have chosen the wrong weekend to open Dolphin Stadium for their annual "Select A Seat" day. Fewer than 50 fans showed up in the first two hours of a four-hour event Saturday to pick out their season tickets for next season.

That they would have a chance to meet manager Fredi Gonzalez and pitcher Scott Olsen apparently did not offset the crush of last-minute shopping. Or the fact that the team again sold off its top talent to cut salary, trading its two most recognizable players and best talents to Detroit for a plethora of prospects.


Gonzalez was to have lunch with everyone who purchased season tickets on Saturday, but the turnout provided for a potentially lonely meal. By the time Olsen arrived after noon, a line of about 20 fans had formed for the young pitcher's autograph. But few bought season tickets.

First off, who is in charge of PR because I had no idea that Select A Seat was last Saturday.  The crowd was probably going to be small enough given that Dontrelle and Cabrera were traded but to not advertise it just dooms the event.

Did anyone hear about the event before hand or is this just another announcement I missed?

Well at least one thing remains constant, if there is an event where the players meet and greet the fans, Scott Olsen is there.