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Stadium News - Sort of

The Marlins got some favorable news on the stadium front yesterday.

Moving with dispatch and sidestepping voters, Miami commissioners on Thursday approved a historic public works package that would build a new Florida Marlins stadium and spur a downtown revival.


The next test: a vote Tuesday before the 13-member Miami-Dade Commission, which also must green-light the program.

Seven county commissioners contacted Thursday said they tentatively support the massive package -- enough for a majority -- but each cited potential trouble spots that could shift the dynamic.

The Marlins troll president even said they were down with the team's part of the deal.

Samson said the Marlins are embracing the plan to build a stadium at the Orange Bowl site -- and can come up with the $155 million.

He didn't rule out reaching out to investors to help finance its obligation.

'When we negotiate something, we have to be able to stand behind it,'' Samson said. ``This is one of the two days we've been waiting for.''

I was wrong about the county would have to seek a public referendum.  It seems that the politicos have found a way around it.

One group that won't get a vote: residents. Local government leaders structured the intricate financing plan in a manner that avoids a referendum.

Let's see, the deal is being pushed through quickly without giving anyone time to think about it and sidestepping the voters.  That probably isn't the most noble way to do it.  But hey, if it works, I'm all for it.

We should know something Tuesday.  Hopefully the ninth time will be the charm.