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Stadium News - Sort of

Nothing really new, but today could be a significant hurdle in the possible funding of the stadium.  And the operative word in the previous sentence is "could".

Miami and Miami-Dade commissioners must each also embrace a detailed funding formula that has far-reaching implications for other downtown projects.

Miami commissioners go first, voting Thursday, while Miami-Dade commissioners will tackle the new stadium plan Tuesday.

Today's vote by the city also requires a commitment to the Orange Bowl site by the Marlins.  I'm not sure if this entails agreeing to county's funding plain or not.  But there is the possibility that it may be required.

As of early this morning, the Marlins are still cramming for the exam.

The Marlins have yet to sign off on a requirement that they contribute $155 million in up front money toward the $525 million stadium.

''It's a complicated agreement, which we just got yesterday,'' said Marlins President David Samson

We can only hope that other people in the organization are studying the proposal besides Samson.  'Cause if all of our eggs are in the Samson basket,  we're screwed.

And now for the snarkyiest statement made to date about Burgess' stadium proposal.

He (Burgess) also said he was near a deal with the Marlins to build them a ballpark. He did not mention whether it would be in Detroit or Boston, which is where the Marlins' stars will mostly play.