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The non-tenders

The deadline of Thursday midnight EST and list of the players who were non-tendered is now complete.

The new free agents are:

American League
Dallas McPherson, 3B

Kiko Calero, RHP; Jose Garcia, RHP

Blue Jays
Josh Towers, RHP

John Parrish, LHP

Cory Doyne, RHP; Roberto Novoa, RHP

Nick Gorneault, OF; Akinori Otsuka, RHP

Red Sox
Brendan Donnelly, RHP

Emil Brown, OF

Chad Durbin, RHP

Jason Tyner, OF

White Sox
Andy Gonzalez, INF; Heath Phillips, LHP

T.J. Beam, RHP; Matt DeSalvo, RHP; Darrell Rasner, RHP; Bronson Sardinha, OF

National League
Adam Everett, SS

Willie Harris, OF

Kevin Mench, OF; Matt Wise, RHP

Aaron Miles, 2B

Mark Prior, RHP

Mark Hendrickson, LHP

Scott Munter, RHP

Miguel Olivo, C

Johnny Estrada, C; Ben Johnson, OF; Juan Padilla, RHP

Nook Logan, OF; Mike O'Connor, LHP

Jack Cassel, RHP; Morgan Ensberg, INF; Ryan Ketchner, LHP; Jason Lane, OF

Brad Eldred, 1B; Brian Rogers, RHP

Jerry Gil, SS; Brad Salmon, RHP

Sean Barker, OF; Darren Clarke, RHP

And as expected, Olivo is on the list.

Before you put your wish list together, try to keep in mind that the Marlins purse strings aren't just drawn tight but that it appears the purse is actually sewn shut.

So therefore you will need to consider only players who will take $500,000 or less for a one-year contract when you compile your list.

My guess: the Marlins may try to sign Dallas McPherson or Morgan Ensberg to play third.

McPherson is coming off back surgery and missed all of the 2007 season.  He also has had three stints in the Bigs and only has .247/.294/.461 to show for them.

McPherson was once considered a can't miss prospect, but so far he has only missed.  Now that he is 27 years-old, it is time for him to come into his own or he never will.  He might be worth a flyer to see if he can make the team out of spring training.

Ensberg is 32 years-old and is a decent enough defensive 3rd baseman.  The problem with him is that is AVG, SLG and OBP has declined every year since 2005.  But he still has some pop in his bat and has good plate discipline.

Not really pretty options, but both have shown some upside potential in the past.  Always keep in mind, that the ones in the Marlins price range, were released for a reason.  It is possible that they may turn it around but they haven't shown any signs that will up to this point.

But there are many others on the list that could be potentials.  I would be very interested to hear what your thoughts are about who the Marlins could or should pursue.  So feel free to share.  Dan's choice is available has he predicted, but I don't see the Marlins ponying up the money to land Everett.  Could be wrong -- I often am.