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Lo Duca to the Nats

If you were wishing and dreaming, beyond all hope, that Lo Duca would be a Marlin once again.  Well, I hate to break to to you -- it's not going to happen.

Paul Lo Duca and the Washington Nationals agreed to a one-year contract pending a physical, according to several reports Monday.

Lo Duca, a free-agent catcher who played for the New York Mets the past two seasons, would give the Nationals a veteran to replace Brian Schneider behind the plate.

Given the fact the Marlins acquired Mike Rabelo as one of the pieces in the Cabrera-Willis trade and the front office is going as cheap as possible -- it was probably highly unlikely that Lo Duca was ever seriously considered.

The bad news is that Lo Duca will still be in the division.  Especially considering he hit .378/.429/.489 against the Marlins last season.