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Uggla on the block?

As I cruising through various websites, I ran across something that was puzzling to me.

Leading off with some personnel issues. Matsui did sign with the Astros for a 3 year deal worth $16.5 million.


Possible second basemen of interest out there is still with Loretta, Iguchi, and one interesting one is Uggla from Marlins.

Is this guy just putting together a wish list and speculating away?  Or is there a rumor afloat that I haven't heard about?

I know it was under consideration that the Marlins might have to include Uggla in the Cabrera deal with the Angels in order to get Kendrick as part of the package.  But other than that, I haven't heard anything.

Have any of you heard about a rumor that the Marlins are shopping Danny?