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South Florida's Marlins fans locale

Sarah Talalay reports on the break down of the Marlins fans by the three counties.

In surveys conducted between February 2006 and January 2007, 18 percent of Miami-Dade residents reported attending a game, compared with 24 percent who watched on broadcast TV and 22 percent who watched on cable. In Broward, 17 percent reported attending a game compared to 22 percent who said they watched a game on broadcast TV and 20 percent who watched on cable. In Palm Beach County, 10 percent reported attending a game, compared with 15 percent each who watched on broadcast or cable TV.

The Marlins' own data reflects ticket buyers: 40 percent in Miami-Dade and a total of 47 percent in Broward (35 percent) and Palm Beach (12 percent).

Not really sure what this means, other than the stadium, if it is built, will be in the area that chips-in the most money, which as it stands is Miami-Dade and the city of Miami at this point.

But we already knew that.

I guess as the stadium gets further away from Palm Beach County, their attendance totals will drop off.  But they are also the smallest piece of the pie.

Unfortunately, from my understanding, they have all of the money.