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Quotes about the Marlins

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The USA Today, as they do frequently, posted some notes and quotes about the Marlins.

The first being:

In the middle of Tennessee, more than 900 miles from South Florida, manager Fredi Gonzalez couldn't escape the wrath of angry Marlins fans after the team traded away its two biggest stars.

At the winter meetings in Nashville, Gonzalez took a phone call Wednesday from his teenage son, who proceeded to lambaste his dad about the loss of LHP Dontrelle Willis and 3B Miguel Cabrera.

"They were his favorite players," Gonzalez said with a laugh. "What are you going to do?"

Welcome to being a Marlins fan, young Mr. Gonzalez.  While isn't pretty and you will never get used to it, take heart, you aren't the only one rowing in the boat.

And then there is this:

LHP Andrew Miller said he is excited about getting to pitch for the Marlins after being traded from Detroit in the Miguel Cabrera/Dontrelle Willis trade. But he hopes Marlins fans don't compare him to Willis.

"I certainly don't hope anybody expects me to go in and replicate what Dontrelle has done," Miller said. "I've gotten a cup of coffee. He has been an All-Star. I hope to eventually do what he can do. But I'm not going to be able to replace Dontrelle Willis. Those shoes are pretty big."

From what I hear Miller is suppose to be better than Dontrelle could ever imagine himself being.  And to do that, all he will have to do, by the same age, is win 63 games in the next two years.  Shouldn't be a problem.

Actually, I would never saddle him with those expectations.  If he shows promise, gains some control over his pitches and avoids a trip to Birmingham, I will be happy.