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Base coaches to wear headgear

One of the administrative votes the GMs took was require headgear for the base coaches.

General managers Thursday agreed to require first- and third-base coaches to wear protective headwear next season.

The decision comes four months after minor-league coach Mike Coolbaugh was killed when he was struck in the neck by a line drive.

''I'm not surprised at all,'' Marlins first-base coach Andy Fox said.

It is uncertain whether coaches would be required to wear helmets, such as those worn by batters, or hard liners within their cloth caps, which is what Marlins third-base coach Bo Porter did toward the end of the 2007 season following Coolbaugh's death.

''I would venture to say if they polled everybody, they would vote for the hard shell,'' Fox said.

My feeling on whether it should be a full helmet or a hard liner is this: it's the base coaches who are putting all their eggs in one basket -- let them choose the basket.