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More on Willis

It isn't even clear if Dontrelle is on the trading block or not.

One player who hasn't come up as much: Dontrelle Willis.

"We have no indication Dontrelle is available," said one GM from a team desperate for starting pitching. "They will listen on Dontrelle, but it doesn't sound like they want to deal him. They're talking about Cabrera."

Added a second GM: "I don't think Dontrelle is available. I think it's all about Cabrera, for obvious reasons."

Another source who has spoken with the Marlins said the chances of Willis staying put are far better if Cabrera is dealt since the 2008 payroll will not increase over last season's $32 million.

Believe or not, this makes sense.  If Cabrera is traded, not only will he bring in better players and more of them than Willis could at this time, but as the source said: "the 2008 payroll will not increase..."

Which I suppose is one of the main reason for trading at least one of them to begin with, should that happen.

There are some other reasons to hold onto Dontrelle through, at least next season.  One being, the Marlins need the pitching, especially pitchers that can eat innings.  And Willis is without a doubt the Marlins biggest innings eater.

Another is that the Kranitz years weren't kind to him stats-wise and it may be worth seeing if Wiley can get him back on track and thus increasing his value.

The last is probably the least of the team's concerns, but it is an important one.  It is true that Cabrera is the team's best player presently, though Hanley may prove to be better over time but that has yet to be proven.  However, Dontrelle is the face and the heart of the team and that does add to his value to the club.