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Stadium News - Sort of

Dan posted this story from the AP in the comments yesterday.  So let's look at it little further.

Here is what DuPuy had to say:

"In terms of the county and the city, that's the only site that's on the table right now," Bob DuPuy, baseball's chief operating officer, said Tuesday. "And while we believe that the downtown site had a lot of attractive features, including egress and access, given the exodus of the University of Miami from the Orange Bowl to Dolphin Stadium, the Orange Bowl site is the site that's under consideration at the moment."

"In terms of the county and the city, that's the only site on the table right now."

What about in terms of MLB or the Marlins?

"...The Orange Bowl site is the site under consideration at the moment."

At the moment?

It's the Orange Bowl or Bust for South Florida.  I kinda wonder what else could be on the back burner, if anything.

DuPuy went on.

"We all hope the Orange Bowl site will be every bit as good as downtown, but there are concerns about it," DuPuy said. "The last thing you want to do is build a brand new ballpark down there and have the team fail, and everybody recognizes that the level of contribution that the team makes has to be commensurate with what they believe they are going to be able to generate from a new ballpark and be viable."

So MLB is going with what Samson said before.  Probably more accurately, Samson gave the MLB line before they did.

Also as Mbaamin brought up, some of the county commissioners have stated they won't go through with the deal unless the Marlins agree to chip in the $207 million they agreed to do for the downtown site.  And who knows if the team will still agree to cover cost overruns.

Which brings us to this:

"Nothing has ever been in concrete. This has been a lava light in terms of trying to put the financing together," DuPuy said. "The commissioner refuses to give up. I refuse to give up. At some point, maybe someone will say, as hard as we've tried for as long as we've tried, it isn't going to happen. But we're not ready to concede that yet."

Oh, that's encouraging.

The Orange Bowl is where the future home of the Marlins will be, should it be in South Florida.  And South Florida is where I would like it to be, but I'm not liking the language I am hearing.

Hopefully, it will all workout and it is just negotiation pains that go with the process.