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GMs approve instant replay

As Mbaamin posted in the comments yesterday, the GMs voted for limited replay in baseball.

Baseball's general managers sent their strongest message yet to Bud Selig that they want instant replay. But developments in the game progress at "glacier-like movement," Major League Baseball executive vice president Jimmie Lee Solomon said yesterday, so there's no timeline, or guarantee whatsoever, about when we might see replay in real games.

At the GM meetings, the teams voted 25-5 in favor of a proposal that would use replay for home run calls. Replay would be utilized to determine fair-foul calls, potential fan interference (a la Jeffrey Maier in the 1996 playoffs) and whether a ball landed as a homer before bouncing back into play.


There is virtually no chance that all hurdles will be cleared in time for replay to be employed during the 2008 season.

Team owners, the Players Association and the umpires' union must all sign off on the specifics of the plan before it can move forward.

Besides slowing down the game, here is my main problem with this proposal: once it is in the game they will continue to expand in its use.  For now, the discussion are limited to fair-foul calls, fan interference or to whether it was a home run or not (and actually, most stadiums don't even offer the proper camera angles to provide the conclusive data).  But eventually, it will be expanded to plays that the fielder obviously has the ball and is attempting to make a tag on the runner.

After that, it maybe used to determine if a player was safe at first or not.  Which is darn near impossible to determine given the technology of today.

Having the dugout throw a red flag onto the field to challenge a call, let me just say:  That Ain't Baseball!

The manager rushing out of the dugout to kick dirt on the plate and hollering at the ump: Now that's Baseball!