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GMs discussing Instant Replay

The GMs are contemplating instant replay.

But when major-league general managers convene here this week, they are expected to discuss the future use of video replays to help umpires make the correct calls on home runs that are the hardest to discern. Fair or foul? Long or short?


Owners and commissioner Bud Selig have balked at the idea in the past, but the idea appears to be gathering momentum and is on this week's meeting agenda for general managers.

I think they talked about this last season also.  I'm not a fan of instant replay in baseball since I can't begin to imagine how it would slow down the game.  Aren't the rain delays enough?

Ques Tec, where it is used, already has the umpires calling the some of the weirdest strike zones, instant replay in most any form would probably just add another level of indecision in their minds.

You may love the idea of instant replay in baseball, and that's cool, but it doesn't work for me.  But either way, it won't happen anytime soon since the GMs are just in the discussion mode.

Oh, do read the article, Clark Spencer did a pretty good job with it.