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More on the GM meetings

This is something I didn't know.

Beinfest arrived at the Hyatt Grand Cypress on Sunday, but most officials from baseball's other 29 teams began arriving throughout the day Monday. The action was so slow that the loudest lobby chatter belonged to Merlot, Lu Lu and Kula - three colorful macaws perched on silk palm trees in the main entrance.

Beinfest and Red Sox General Manager Theo Epstein are serving as co-hosts of this year's meetings.

I have no idea what that entails since I have never been to the GM meetings but I'm sure it is an honor.

The real part of the article that is of interest is this:

Beinfest said last week he has received payroll parameters from owner Jeffrey Loria, but wouldn't indicate if it was more than last year's $30 million payroll.

"We have to find ways to improve the ballclub, to shore up our deficiencies and try to win more games," Beinfest said.

"It doesn't matter the payroll. Whatever the payroll is we have to try to find a way to get that done."

The heck it doesn't matter what the payroll is.  It has everything to do with the future composition of the club.

We should have a pretty good idea the number Loria set in the coming weeks.  It will become evident in the signings or trades, or lack thereof.

Beinfest not wanting to tip his hand, is completely understandable.  But at this point I'm not liking what I'm hearing.