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Bill James makes his rankings

Initially Bill James made his rankings of Team-by-Team talent rankings and the Marlins finished fourth.

4. Florida Marlins | Hitters: 1181 | Pitchers: 605 | Total: 1787

Hanley, Cabrera and Jeremy Hermida are Grade A, Dontrelle Willis has slipped to a B because of his off season and Dan Uggla is a B because he is 27, but he's good, too. Scott Olsen is in there.

It is interesting to me that six of the teams listed in the top seven are in the NL.  I'm getting extremely tired about hearing how superior the AL is to the NL.  For the most part, the best young talent in baseball is in the NL.  Of course, that doesn't mean they won't end up in the AL eventually,  But should that happen it isn't because they are better, it just means they have more money.

Bill James went on to breakdown his projection of top up-and-coming stars.  And by my count, two Marlins made the list.

Check it out.

(H/T Sports News Connection.)