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More on Cabrera and the Angels

It seems that the Angels aren't happy that the Marlins want value and lots of it for Cabrera.

On two occasions the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim felt they could start stitching Miguel Cabrera's name on the back of their jersey.

That was among the sentiments owner Arte Moreno expressed to local media during Wednesday's news conference to introduce new additions Jon Garland and Torii Hunter.

"They came back and asked for more," Moreno said. "They're doing it to everybody. ... I think [Dodgers General Manager Ned] Coletti thought he had a deal for Cabrera and it changed on him, too. [The Marlins] maneuvered us against the Dodgers. We both need a third baseman."

Uh Huh.  So says you.

While it wouldn't surprise me if the Marlins were playing the two teams against each other, that may not be the complete story.

According to this source, it isn't a moving target.  It's pony up or forget it.

One industry source in contact with the Marlins said both Los Angeles teams know exactly what they have to give up to land Cabrera.

The one that does so first, presumably by adding the fourth piece, will get him.

If the insider's information is accurate, and judging by way the Marlins have unloaded talent in the past, it sounds about right.  Beinfest, historically, is very upfront and matter of fact about what he wants at the start of negotiations and usually doesn't budge.

The Angels owner will gain nothing by posturing in the media trying to publicly shame the Marlins front office into a cheaper deal.  The Marlins front office knows no shame,.  They are so use to being called the bad guys in the media, it is just like water off a duck's back.  They don't care.

If the Marlins open the season with Cabrera at third, they can handle it.  It may not be what they prefer, given the increase in his salary which will definitely occur through arbitration.  But they can do it, if need be.