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More on Cabrera and the Angels

It seems that negotiations have hit a bit of a road block.

The Angels also continue to pursue power-hitting third baseman Miguel Cabrera, but trade talks with Florida appear to have hit a snag over the combination of players the Marlins are seeking for the 24-year-old slugger.

The Angels, according to baseball sources, are willing to part with just about any player who has been mentioned in trade rumors -- second baseman Howie Kendrick, catcher Jeff Mathis, pitchers Ervin Santana, Joe Saunders or Nick Adenhart, outfielder Reggie Willits and perhaps top infield prospect Brandon Wood.

But if the Angels are going to trade two young pitchers to the Marlins, they are reluctant to include Kendrick and Mathis in a package for Cabrera, who has averaged 31 home runs and 115 runs batted in for the last four seasons.

And if they have to give up Kendrick, whom many project as a .320 hitter with 25-homer potential, along with a young pitcher or two, they are reluctant to part with one of their top two prospects, Adenhart or Wood.

Unless the Marlins, who want three or four top young players, are willing to make some kind of concession, the Angels may not be able to land Cabrera

This really isn't that unexpected, but it could kill the deal.  I would expect this will turn into a test of wills, assuming Beinfest doesn't blink -- and I don't think he will. The Marlins don't have to trade Cabrera but the Angels do need another impact bat to reach their goals.  And let's face it, there aren't that many available.  The good part about this is it leaves the door open for the Dodgers -- get in the game Blue.

Probably the two teams can find a way to mix and match to suit both, personally, I don't think Mathis is all that important of a piece in the equation -- they can keep him.  The problem with leaving Mathis out is that the front office is determined to bring home a catcher, whether we need him or not.  

If working a deal with the Angels is paramount, just get the two pitchers whose last name isn't Santana, Kendrick and add either Wood or Willits to the deal.    Your opinion may differ.