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Chum Bucket

It's time again for another edition of FishStripes most popular thread to comment in -- Chum Bucket.

Most of the chatter on the baseball talk shows will probably center around the HOF ballot.  If you like to see who is included on this years ballot, you can find it here:  HOF.

As Dan said, and I paraphrase, it will be interesting to see if Andre Dawson draws closer or continues to fall further away.  Given that this year's freshman class is pretty weak, I'm betting he gets closer.

Also, this could be the year for Bert Blyleven.  Besides ranking 5th all-time in strikeouts, 9th in shutouts, 10th in starts, 13th in innings pitched and 25th in wins, he also won the hog calling contest two years in a row on farm and ranch night in Arlington while playing for the Rangers.  Show me someone already in the Hall of Fame with his pitching stats who won, not one, but two consecutive hog calling contest.  I bet you can't.  That alone should get him in.

Here's hoping you have a Great Day!