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More on Cabrera

It appears it will all Cabrera all the time, at least until the Winter Meetings.

I love these type of questions which are asked to the various teams mailbags.  This one is from the Texas Rangers.

I have a three-team blockbuster trade for you. The Rangers send Hank Blalock and Gerald Laird to the Dodgers and also send Matt Harrison to the Marlins. The Dodgers send Andy LaRoche and Andre Eithier to the Marlins. Finally, the Marlins send one Miguel Cabrera to the Rangers. What do you think?
-- Paul G., Shreveport, La.

Seems like you're a little short on what the Marlins get for Cabrera. They would definitely want Edinson Volquez instead of Harrison, plus one more prospect.

It always interesting to me that fans of other teams just can't wrap their head around the fact that the Marlins aren't going to give away Cabrera.  Even when the Marlins in the past traded talent, they have demanded talent in return.  Of course, some have worked out and others didn't, but even those that didn't, at the time of the trade, it definitely had potential.

The thing they don't get is that the organization, sadly, are pros when it comes to unloading talent and if the Marlins can't get an offer they like, they won't make the deal.  The Marlins don't have to trade Cabrera during the offseason, they can wait until around the trading deadline, if need be.  After that, it gets a bit iffy as far as what they would be willing to accept.  Either way, he won't come cheap.

Juan C. Rodriguez presents his insider's view of the possible players who could make up the Angels deal.  Click on the link and read away, if you are interested.

Hopefully, the Dodgers will get in the game at some point.  But for the time being, they are posturing like they don't need to.

Don't read into this I want the Marlins to trade Cabrera, I don't.  But there is a very strong possibility that it could and will happen.